Graduate Certificate in Applied Bioinformatics-Curriculum

The graduate-level Applied Bioinformatics Certificate is offered through the UW Extended Campus Master of Science in Applied Biotechnology program.

Courses are completed entirely online. You can watch lectures, participate in online forums with your classmates, and do homework whenever it’s convenient for you—all course content is accessible online from any device. Learn more about our online learning format.

Course Descriptions

Course availability varies each fall, spring, and summer.


You are required to complete all four courses to earn the certificate. In ABT 785 students will complete a final project using everything they’ve learned in the certificate.

Principles of descriptive and inferential statistics with applications in biotechnology, including experimental design, quantitative data analysis, and bioinformatic evaluation of complex molecular and biological data sets.

ABT 720 course syllabus

Learn diverse strategies for computational analysis of macromolecular data using Python, including sequence alignment, genome annotation, data retrieval, phylogenetic analysis, and molecular evolution. Experiential learning is emphasized; confidence in practical skills is developed through persistent application of course content to projects focused on current problems in bioinformatic research.

ABT 730 course syllabus

Develop competencies that promote efficient analysis of biological data. Learn how to match a research problem with the most effective tools for its completion, balancing the use of existing software and de novo software development. Advanced aspects of Python and R, algorithmics, machine learning, simulations, and effective communication of results are emphasized. Prerequisites: ABT 720, ABT 730

ABT 780 course syllabus

Explore and apply existing bioinformatic tools, including implementation of pre-coded solutions to data acquisition, wrangling, analysis, visualization, and structural modeling problems. Students will complete a final project that generates a multi-system workflow to solve bioinformatic problems. Prerequisites: ABT 720, ABT 730

ABT 785 course syllabus

*ABT 720 is a course in the Master of Science in Applied Biotechnology program. ABT 730, ABT 780, and ABT 785 are courses in the Applied Bioinformatics Certificate only, and are not available as electives or as a separate track in the master’s program. If you are a degree-seeking student in the master’s program earning the certificate as an additional credential, you will be required to complete ABT 730, ABT 780, and ABT 785 in addition to the master’s program curriculum to earn the certificate.