Academic Support

Honor Code

The Honor Code is a set of guidelines for maintaining respectful and professional communications in an online setting. All students enrolled in MSABT classes are required to adhere to it at all times. As a student in the Applied Biotechnology program, you are held to a high standard of professionalism in your communications with your instructor, your fellow classmates, and staff.

The purpose of the Honor Code is to ensure that students in the Applied Biotechnology program are aware of their rights and responsibilities as online learners. It is to the benefit of all students and faculty to engage in respectful and open communication based on clear, reasonable parameters.

The Honor Code can be found in the Student Resource Lounge at any time. You are also welcome to contact your Student Success Coach if you’d like a copy emailed to you.


Due to the collaborative online nature of the Applied Biotechnology program, on campus bookstores do not stock the materials required for Applied Biotechnology courses. The UW Extended Campus Bookstore, powered by eFollett, offers the required course materials for your MSABT classes. Purchasing books through eFollett will ensure that you receive the correct editions of the selected books for your classes.


Each semester, MSABT students work with their academic advisors and the student services team to determine a plan for the upcoming term.  In the Student Resource Lounge, MSABT students will find information on the registration process, links to helpful sites, and can connect directly with their Student Success Coach for assistance with the registration process. Access the permission number site.


Students with documented disabilities have the right to request information and necessary accommodations from their University, as stipulated within Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Students interested in requesting academic accommodations must contact the Accessibility Services office at their home campus to begin the application process. he student services team is happy to serve as a liaison in connecting students to their home campus resources.

Learning Support Resources

Being a student can be a lot to manage. As an ABT student, you will have access to a wide range of learning support resources to assist as you navigate through the program.

This includes information about writing papers and citing sources through the Online Writing Lab , test taking strategies and study tips, time management skills, and program information. Students also can connect with their home campus libraries for assistance with research projects and expert advice from the library staff.

Looking for some assistance in managing your time?  The MSDS Time Management Calculator will help you get started!  The Time Management Calculator is an interactive tool that will illustrate how you currently allocate responsibilities in a typical week.

As part of the student success team, we are happy to have a conversation with you about strategies to find a better life balance as you move through the MSABT program.

Student Collaboration

Who better understands the student experience than students themselves?  Program students have the opportunity to establish peer to peer relationships through the use of course discussion boards and interactions in the Student Resource Lounge.  Informal mentoring allows students to build collaborative relationships to gain valuable experience, provide support to one another, and navigate the program.


Danny Schindler

Meet Your Success Coach

Danny Schindler

During my undergraduate program, I realized that the positions that I enjoyed working were around helping students feel comfortable and confident during their transition into college. Navigating higher education can be both daunting and draining. I appreciated the opportunity to help alleviate this stress and found my groove in learning more in graduate school about how I can continue to be my best self for all students. I’m thrilled to use what I have been talking about and learning to make a difference to those I serve.

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Success Coaches are skilled professionals who are available to help you navigate through your academic journey. Meet our team of dedicated coaches.

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